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Busting Baby Myths Part Three

Myth Three: I just had a baby! No way I can get out and take my infant into the real world!

Truth: You should absolutely cuddle in, snuggle down, and soak up every second of the newborn experience.  However….

HOWEVER, when the time comes that you are ready to find the next phase of your MOM GROOVE, our Kindermusik Foundations class is your “safe place”, literally and figuratively.

I hear you, MAMA BEAR! Every ounce of who you are is focused on this wee one, even if he is not your first. It is what we are hard-wired to do – keep them SAFE! I just want a moment of your time to tell you about THE FOUNDATIONS ZONE.

Safety for your baby

We understand that your new baby has no outer layer to protect them from noise, light, and feelings – they are like a little raspberry, needing to be gently held and helped to undo the natural pressures of the day. We can show you how in our class time together so that you have this knowledge during the week.

Our lesson together opens with a gentle welcome time to keep our babies calm and comfortable during the transition and give you a chance to catch your breath and greet your friends. Our activities are designed with all learning domains in mind, but are differentiated as to your baby’s individual development with regard to visual acuity, neck strength, and activity tolerance and stimulation.

Our Kindermusik classroom space is sanitized in preparation for Foundations classes. We invite you to bring your own blanket from home for floor time. Our instruments and manipulatives are designed for newborns and infants and are safety tested.  They are washed before class with gentle detergents and cleaners, such as Seventh Generation, and wipes are available since teething/mouthing is expected.


It is easy for new moms to get run down. Believe it or not, the activities we do in Kindermusik Foundations can BOOST your immune system! Just google MUSIC BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM and you will understand the premise. At Kindermusik, we build on this several steps further with regard to your connections to your child. Research shows that singing, intentional touch, bonding with your baby, even laughter releases a series of naturally occurring brain chemicals that our Kindermusik colleagues from Conscious Discipline like to call “JOY JUICE”!

“Joy Juice is a combination of positive brain chemicals that create joyful feelings literally wiring the brain for impulse control and willingness.” Joy juice is made of oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins.
The connections that we build on the outside with others will build neural connections on the inside and give us this joy juice.”

Conscious Discipline-Building Resilient Classrooms, Dr. Becky Bailey

Our Kindermusik classes are saturated with JOY JUICE. AND we are also a “NO JUDGEMENT ZONE”.

Come as you are! Dirty ponytail, yoga pants, pajamas. You think you’re a hot mess, well we all see a mom who:

  • Got herself out of the house – CONGRATULATIONS!  
  • Is in a healthy social setting WAY TO GO!   Is interested in learning what music means for her baby – YOU ARE AMAZING! 
  • Is gathering up what she can from today’s class to explore later with her baby at home. 

“Come as you are!” extends to baby too! No shoes? No pants? No problem! We are going to be working with the soles of the feet and baby massage anyway. You’ve just saved time. We have a changing table, we are breastfeeding friendly, and if baby has a blowout on the way to class, we’ve got your back (even if it’s up the back!)

If you do find yourself (or baby) is under the weather, we know how important it is to stay home and rest. We have lots of options to make up a class. Our Kindermusik with Gina families are very considerate of this.


I still VIVIDLY remember my first outing with my firstborn, and my first outing with my second child (they are now 21 and 18). I would not – and could not – have done them without my mommy friends. They knew how to check the car seat straps. They knew where the breastfeeding rooms were. They knew how to negotiate a stroller into the ladies’ room at a restaurant. And they knew, believe it or not, how awesome Kindermusik was because they encouraged me to enroll with our boys before I was an educator! I am still friends with many of the mommies I met in class.

By coming to a Foundations class, you already have so much in common with everyone else there. It is an instant ice breaker, and we are always doing activities that help us get to know one another.

Over the past 15 years I have witnessed lifelong friendships blossom between families, moms who organize playdate and parties and even vacations with their Kindermusik friends. Who coordinate enrollment with their second and third children to be in class together again, and even decided on elementary schools together.

I’ve enjoyed watching Kindermusik Moms who share baby/toddler clothes. Kindermusik Dads who have agreed to give their wives a day off and they bring their kids to class and have a dad day. Kindermusik grandparents who love to see their peers in class, and love sharing stories about the joys of this stage in life. And I’ve seen and appreciated all kinds of networking among families – lawyers, realtors, painters, nannies, photographers, yogis, seamstresses, contractors, physicians, hairdressers, accountants.  It really is a pretty awesome community within a community!

My friends the physicians, the spa owner, the financial advisor, the therapist, the SAHM,and nurse…and their kiddos!

So, when the time is right for you to bust the MYTH that you can’t get out and take your infant into the real world, consider this: I am not trying to “PUSH YOU OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE”. 

I want Kindermusik Foundations Class to BE your comfort zone.

I hope your family will join our community this fall.

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Special thanks to my Kindermusik colleagues who contributed their thoughts and experiences to the content of this article.

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