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Weekend Notes 2.9.20

Highlights and thoughts from our week at Kindermusik with Gina. Share a comment about yours!

Research on TUMMY TIME

We do a lot of movement in our Kindermusik classes; I usually close my apple watch rings before lunch! We think of tummy time for babies as necessary for neck strength, but it is so much more. Just last week I came across two fascinating articles about the importance of tummy time in the development of proper muscles needed for speech and feeding.

And for the babies that don’t like tummy time, this great article gives you some options to get the benefits.

Spring cleaning

After 15 years, the collection in my classroom of books, curriculum, manipulatives, movement props, and of course INSTRUMENTS, INSTRUMENTS, INSTRUMENTS needed some organizational attention. Jumping to the rescue was JAMBO JACQUI, my friend and Kindermusik mom who has the skillset and energy I needed. Thank you JAMBO!

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Bittersweet farewells

Even the families who love their Kindermusik experiences the most can’t stay forever. We bid farewell to two wonderful members of our KMWG family last week, who depart with the great gifts they received from participating in our program. One mom who has been enrolled with two children over the past several years wrote me a moving note:

You mean so much to our family and what you have done for me as a mother is indescribable.  There were plenty of days you literally saved me.

Another mom is moving to involve her daughter in some necessary physical and speech therapy that conflicts with our class time. She shared with me that the knowledge she gained from Kindermusik class about the Vestibular System, the importance of vocal play, and the impact of crossing the midline helped her feel less overwhelmed during their consults with the therapists.

It warms my heart to know that our program has this type of impact on families, beyond the joys of being an early childhood music program.

Thanks for reading, sharing, and commenting. Don’t forget to enroll for classes in Mooresville and Statesville. New classes start August but some classes have openings now!

I hope your week starts off with a sweet song in your heart. ~g

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